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Monday, 16 October 2017


It had started drizzling a while ago. It had been thundering for quite a long time before that. A tiny raindrop was slowly, obliquely, sliding down the window pane of the car. It mimicked the teardrop that was slowly rolling down his cheek. Like the rain, the crying had started a while ago. He too had been thundering for quite a long time before that.

Both, the teardrop and the raindrop, had started rolling downwards slowly but picked up pace as they dropped further down, just like the car which had picked up speed now. When he was furious, he had a propensity for speed. Speed has this strange way of pleasing your soul even in the toughest of times, just like some people in your lives do.

The raindrop, he traced with his finger. The pain, with his mind. As the raindrop rolled down, it increased in volume slightly as it got mixed with the other water droplets present on the pane. As the memories came flooding back to him, the pain increased too, in intensity, as one memory mixed with another. But he drove faster as it seemed to reduce the pain, at least temporarily.

The droplet rolled down and fell out of sight even before he knew it. He could not trace it any more. The teardrop, too, fell off his chin and disappeared into the folds of his shirt. Soon, another raindrop started rolling down the pane, just as another teardrop welled up in his eye and started rolling down his cheek...

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